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Calgary Fire Department

We are dedicated to the safety of Calgarians and provide a variety of emergency and non-emergency services.

Are you looking for more information about the Calgary Fire Department? or about Fire Chief Steve Dongworth?

Call 9-1-1 immediately, if there is an emergency and you need help.
Fire station 34

Fire stations and facilities

Firefighter installing a smoke alarm

Fire safety and prevention

Three firefighters standing outside


Firefighting can be a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling career. Applying to the Calgary Fire Department is competitive and has multiple steps. Learn more about firefighter recruitment.

Fire codes officer checking equipment

Fire codes, permits and inspections


community safety officer explaining fire safety to kids


Family at a fire pit

Fire bans and advisories

Fire safety advisories and bans are put in place to either notify the public about conditions which present a fire risk or to restrict or temporarily ban fire use within the city. Learn more about Fire Bans.

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