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Calgary Fire Department

Prevent fire: don’t put out cigarettes in plant pots or the lawn!

Firefighters Memorial

It’s spring in Calgary, with warm and windy weather and dry conditions, which means fires can start if smoking materials are discarded improperly.

“We want to remind everyone to be vigilant about disposing cigarettes and all smoking materials, properly,” says Calgary Fire Department Public Information Officer Carol Henke. “Throwing out or putting out smoking materials in dirt filled plant pots, flower beds, peat moss, gardens, or even the road, can cause grass or house fires.”

Backyard fire pits are allowed, as long as owners follow all bylaws , which are designed for safety.

At this time there is no fire ban or fire safety advisory in effect in Calgary. If you are travelling in Alberta, check for fire bans or advisories in the towns or cities you are visiting.

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