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Mayor's Urban Design Awards

The Mayor’s Urban Design Awards (MUDA) are biennial awards that acknowledge the important contribution of Calgary architects, artists and designers to the liveability of our city. They leave a legacy of high calibre urban design, buildings and public spaces, and help set the standard for future municipal planning.

Submissions will be judged in 12 categories, including the new Housing Innovation category. The People’s Choice award will be open to the public this fall to nominate their favourite space and place – more information will be available closer to the event date.​

The gala event for the Mayor's Urban Design Awards will be held on November 15, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Studio Bell - National Music Centre. A limited number of tickets are available for $25 each through Thanks to our sponsors:


Submission deadline is September ​5, 2017

Submit a project​

Civic Design Projects

Civic improvement projects, like a park or public space.

Approved or Adopted Urban Design Plans

Approved urban design plan.

Physical changes have started to occur.

Conceptual / Theoretical Urban Design Projects

A plan for an urban design transformation project that is theoretical.

Could have significant impact on city development.

Urban Fragments

A single, small-scale piece of a building or landscape that contributes to the quality of the public realm.

Student Projects

An urban design project established jointly by The City and a local school or faculty within a university.

Carried out after September 2009.

City Edge Development

Urban design plans, architecture and landscape designs that respond to needs in newly developing areas of the city.

Great City, Great Design

Building and infrastructure designs, urban design plans, landscape designs, planning studies and individual site elements that contribute to the quality of life in Calgary.

The Mawson Urban Design Award

Buildings that achieve urban design excellence and creativity through awareness of the Calgary culture.

Urban Architecture

Buildings that achieve urban design excellence and support an existing project that enhances the urban fabric.

Community Improvement Projects

Any built project implemented by a community-based organization that enhances the public realm.

Green City

Buildings that achieve sustainable design while seeking to reduce energy and resource consumption of buildings.

Housing Innovation

Residential design projects, constructed or approved, of any size or scale, which demonstrate innovation in the areas of accessibility, affordability, and “aging in place”.

People’s Choice

Check out our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram​​ from September 19 - October 3 to choose your favourite building or public space.

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