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Residential recycling programs

Blue Cart Recycling

Blue Cart is a weekly residential recycling pick-up service for single family households up to and including fourplexes.

Bigger Blue Cart trial

A larger Blue Cart with 50 per cent more space inside is being tested with up to 200 participants across Calgary for a one-year period.

Green Cart Food and Waste Pilot

Residents in Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge and Southwood are participating in a pilot where they put their food and yard waste into a green cart for collection.

Electronics Recycling

Drop off your old and unusable electronic items like televisions and computer monitors at one of several permanent electronics recycling depots, including the three City of Calgary landfills. Items can be dropped off at no extra charge, seven days a week. There is no charge for dropping off electronics for recycling at the landfill locations unless you are bringing other materials for disposal at the same time.

Community Recycling Depots

Calgarians can recycle anytime at any of the approximately 50 Community Recycling Depots across the city. These depots accept paper and cardboard, metal food cans and foil, glass bottles and jars, plastics and beverage containers.

Paint, motor oil and household hazardous waste recycling

Take your paints, motor oils and other household chemicals to any of The City's landfills or designated Fire Department stations with special storage depots. The service is offered at no extra charge.

Landfill Throw 'n' Go

Recycle your appliances at our Throw 'n' Go facilities located at all three Calgary landfills (please note charges apply).

Leaf & Pumpkin Composting Program

Each fall we provide temporary drop-off sites citywide for pumpkins and leaves collected from your yard. The leaves and pumkins are then composted at the three City landfill sites. On average we keep over two million kilograms of leaves and pumpkins out of our landfills each year.

Christmas Tree Recycling

Each year in the weeks after Christmas, we collect nearly 40,000 real trees from homes and temporary drop-off locations. The trees are turned into mulch for use in landscaping.

Yard Waste and Grasscycling

Leaves, branches, grass, stumps and general yard debris are accepted at all City landfills for composting. Sod and soil are excluded. All materials must be loose, not in plastic bags. Visit the landfill rates page for current charges.

Recycle your grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn after you mow. They'll keep your lawn healthy by acting as a fertilizer and preventing moisture loss.

Backyard Composters

The City sells subsidized backyard composters to help residents recycle organics.

Tire Recycling

Dispose of your tires and rims at no charge at the Throw 'n' Go areas at any City landfill. All vehicle tires, including tires with rims, are accepted at any City landfill. Loads of more than 12 tires must be taken to Shepard Landfill.

How can I start a recycling program?

A recycling program requires three components: collection, processing; and markets for recyclable materials.

A successful recycling program is a team effort. Everyone's involved and connected, from governments to processors to manufacturers, to you and your family. We all depend on each other to keep the cycle going: if any one of the team members drops out, the recycling process stops.

It's all a part of the recycling cycle:

  • It starts with you - Make a decision to reduce, reuse and recycle before putting your waste into your garbage.
  • We'll take it from there - The City will collect your recyclables and deliver them to a processor who can turn them into a high quality raw material.
  • A new product is made - A manufacturer buys the processed raw material and produces a new product.

It can end with you, too - Make a decision to buy recycled products. If enough people make that decision it will be worthwhile for manufacturers to buy more recycled raw materials, from which to make more recycled products, continuing the cycle of reusing materials.

For more reduction tips, visit Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.