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What is the Calgary Emergency Management Agency?

The EOC Partners Can-TF2 Disaster Alley
 Disaster Alley 2014

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) plans and coordinates emergency services and resources during major emergencies and disasters. CEMA works with other City departments, corporations, communities and non-profit agencies to increase Calgary’s capacity to be prepared for and recover more quickly from a disaster.

In the community

CEMA manages The City’s Emergency Social Services program, made up of more than 100 City of Calgary employees who provide services to meet the immediate physical and psychological needs of individuals affected by and emergency or disaster.

CEMA is also involved in many activities and events that support emergency prevention and awareness, such as Disaster Alley and Emergency Preparedness Week.

Read more about Calgary's State of Readiness here:

State of Preparedness Report - Spring 2017

CEMA governance

CEMA was established by the Province of Alberta’s Emergency Management Act. The Act directs each municipality to establish an emergency management agency “to act as the agent of local authority in exercising the local authority’s powers and duties under the Act.”

The Municipal Emergency Plan (MEP) is a guide for preparation and response to major emergencies and disasters affecting Calgary. The plan documents the roles and responsibilities of internal, external, and support agency representatives during all phases of an event. The MEP can be activated by the Chief of CEMA, who is the lead authority responsible for public safety and municipal response before, during and after local disasters.

Want to know who’s in charge at CEMA? Learn more about the Chief of CEMA.

Incident support

CEMA provides various levels of support in both preparing for events and mitigating potential risks as well as coordination of disaster response. Some examples of the types of events and incidents where CEMA has provided support are:

  • 2013 Alberta floods
  • Security threats
  • Suspicious device threats
  • Severe winter weather
  • Severe summer weather
  • H1N1 pandemic (2009)
  • Large-scale flooding
  • Slave Lake fire (2011) and various condominium fires in Calgary
  • Royal visits and Canada Day celebrations

Canada Task Force 2

CEMA has a strong relationship with Canada Task Force 2 (Can-TF2). Can-TF2 is one of four Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) teams in Canada. These four teams lead Canada’s Urban Search and Rescue initiative. Can-TF2 has a diverse capacity to respond to a range of disasters and can be mobilized to respond anywhere in Canada.


Municipal Emergency Plan

City of Calgary Emergency Management Bylaw 25M2002

Province of Alberta Emergency Management Act