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Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)


**NEW** CEMA has created an emergency preparedness guide for persons with disabilities. The guide offers practical advice on how to prepare for an emergency or disaster if you have a disability, and provides guidance for those assisting others with a disability. Included in the guide is a personal assessment sheet and checklist that can be used to inform others about any special needs a person with a disability might have. Download the Persons with Disabilities Guide or call 311 to have one sent to you.

Whether it is floods, fires, or influenza, emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s not always possible to avoid these emergencies, but you can be prepared.


Personal preparedness

Be equipped to support yourself and your family for up to 3 days after an emergency. Having an emergency plan and a 72-hour kit will help you manage until emergency responders can reach you and allows them to focus their efforts on those in immediate danger. You can also download the Alberta Emergency Alert app for iPhone or Android devices to stay informed.

​​​Emergency preparedness info for persons with​



Railway safety

The health and safety of people who occupy buildings near railways is important to The City of Calgary. We are working with industry and other stakeholders on safety along rails and advancing good planning practices when new development occurs near railways. This includes:
  • updating our policy to guide new development applications on land adjacent to freight railways;
  • enhancing public safety measures through effective emergency response planning related to railways, and;
  • sharing relevant information, when permitted, with citizens related to the transportation of goods via rail – this includes releasing an overview of goods transported by Canadian National Railway (CN) through Canada and Alberta as outlined in Transport Canada’s Protective Direction 36.


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Business continuity news

Sign up for the Calgary Chamber’s Emergency Business Contact Database​ (EBCD). In a major emergency or disaster, the EBCD will send you relevant emergency business information. We encourage you to download the recently released business continuity materials to increase the resilience of your business today:

Business Continuity Handbook

Business Continuity Template

Business Continuity Reference Guide

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) plans and coordinates emergency services during major emergencies and disasters. For more information on CEMA’s involvement in the 2013 flood in Calgary, download The Conference Board of Canada’s third party report​ on CEMA and the 2013 Flood.


Important Documents checklist

Household Emergency Action Plan Booklet

Plain Language Brochure

72-hour kit

Emergency Contact Sheet

Municipal Emergency Plan​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​